Our Alfie moto, Don't. cry because its over, smile because it happened.

Our Alfie moto, Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened.Dr Seuss

Sunday, 9 September 2012

257-263 quiet week, friends and family time, lovely.

We have had a mellow week, lots of time for cuddles and napping together, hmmm actually I just keep falling asleep in the kids bed at night. Which is so cosy, especially when Archie tells me as he is falling asleep 'your my heart mummy, I love you' - gosh wee man I couldn't have said it better myself.

Yesterday I spent the day with the kids visiting Grandma Granda for lunch. We had a great time, for the 1st time I left the kids with them and popped down the town for 20mins and it was a success.Dad is steadily improving, he does seem to understand more of what we are saying, although more asking him to do something rather than chat. I still catch myself sometimes forgetting he isn't who he was and become overwhelmed with sadness. My lovely dad, I miss him.
My mum is coping, I must say again for the record how amazing she is, not only is she taking amazing care of my dad she is also totally supporting his rehab......her teacher instinct i think. On top of all of that, she is also picking me up from work, picking up the kids from nursery, picking up shopping for us during the week - what a legend.
Talking of legends (must be genetic)  we also visited with GG who we haven't had a chance to see for weeks, another lovely blether, sweeties for the bairns and more cuddles. She was full of her usual chat and chuffed to see the wee ones.

We also had the pleasure of Andrew this week doing a wee stint at wrap around care - what a pleasure, he occupied the kids so well I actually got the dinner made without either of them screaming, pulling at my skirt, battering each other or any other major meltdowns, he is welcome anytime. He is the master Thomas track engineer and a hero in Archie's eyes
sheer joy to a wee man

Friday night the kids a lovely new treat from a friend from work, Archie loved the map of Australia in the back of Possum Magic and Mini loved the food in both of them. Adorable books and such kindness form a great woman.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

243-256 phew we made it - so far

Well somethings got to give - here's the list
starting with  - My sanity! closely followed by sleep, kid time, time alone, sewing (whats that) knitting and running. Gutted gutted I never did the 10K, I've been harping on about it for months - 8 to be precise, it was my goal for the year. Never mind, en route I have managed to run regularly enough that I miss it if I can't fit a run in, hence daily lunchtime visits to the school gym treadmill.

I have had little to post about other than the daily grind. Yesterday Momo and I took the kids to fife animal park, they loved it. Baby meerkats feeding from mama was a big hit with Sadie and Archie loved a wee deer that he wanted to take home for a pet.

 Afterwards we went to pillars of Hercules, love it there, always feel relaxed and happy whilst visiting. Even more excited to see they are offering semi wild camping now, bonus. Sadie 'luffs' doggies, Pillars is always a good spot to meet new doggie pals.

I'm doing skirtember again this year. I figure it will be nice to have a month of frivolous posting......I wonder if I look much different from last year, I bloody hope so after all the running.